10 Easy Skin Secrets Dermatologists Don’t Want You to Know

Good skin is the basis for a beautiful look. Some of the world’s most beautiful people begin with beautiful skin. While some people are genetically blessed without much effort, some of us need extra effort to achieve that flawless look. Small changes in your daily routine can have a big impact when looking to get good skin. Depending on skin type, diet, and genetic disposition – you can work your way to great skin today!

1. Reduce Caffeine Consumption

Hydration is a vital component of healthy skin, and caffeine (like alcohol) is drying. It is a diuretic, which means that it causes the body to excrete more water than normal. Caffeine also must be processed in the liver, and some low-level toxins are a byproduct of this.

So it’s actually good that more water is pulled to help flush out your body, but you’ll need to compensate with extra plain water to stay properly hydrated. After that first cup or two of coffee, switch to warm water with lemon if you still need the relaxation of a warm beverage.

2. Cleanse Twice

Most skin ailments come from clogged pores, and clogged pores are a product of trapped dirt and grime. Korean beauty has made its debut in the states and Europe, and it’s because Korean beauty has delivered strong results. The Korean method is to cleanse twice. Use an oil based cleanser first to break down all make up, or a simple micellar water. After that move on to a simple soap to get a true clean. Using a soap before removing all makeup with an oil will clean you a false sense of cleanliness and further pushes dirt into pores.

3. Use a Toner

Toner keeps skin firm and moisture intact. It is an essential step before putting on moisturizer or products. If your skin is oily, use a witch hazel or even Seabreeze as a toner. But if you are on the drier side, stick to a toner that is aloe vera based. Either way, make sure to incorporate this step into your skin care routine.

4. Relax

Our lives seem to get busier and more hectic every year, and that puts us under an enormous amount of stress. Too often, our first response to a problem like a flare-up of acne, eczema, or psoriasis is to head to the store for an expensive product to fix it. But it might be the stress itself that’s causing your issue.

We know this is easier said than done, but slow down! Buy a magazine instead of an expensive cream and just hole up in bed for an afternoon. Schedule some non-negotiable “me time” each day and take a walk, engage in a hobby, or just snooze. Even if it feels like you couldn’t possibly take the time to chill out, in the end, you will be much more effective after a break, and your skin will be clearer and more radiant.

5. Moisturize

Proper moisturization is perhaps the biggest secret to skin care. Whether your skin is oily, dry, or combination – moisturizer is there to make your skin nicer. To put the importance of moisture into perspective, think of dry objects. They break much easier than anything that has water in it. The skin to keeping your skin wrinkle free is to truly begin a moisturizing routine in your 20’s and 30’s.

6. Wash Your Makeup Brushes Frequently

This is probably not news to makeup users – the oils on our skin transfer to makeup brushes and attract all kinds of dirt and germs. Using a dirty brush puts you at risk for breakouts, so it’s best to wash all your tools about once a week.

But this is about more than breakouts – those same dirty brushes can actually make you sick. They can become contaminated with bacteria that is quite dangerous. A Staph infection, for example, is potentially deadly. If the skin on your face is already broken, chapped, or blemished, it is that much easier for bacteria to take hold and make you sick.

7. Drink Water

Water is essential in all endeavors. Water keeps skin moisturized and supple, and truly creates that glow we all look for. Drink a minimum of 8 for a real glow, and keep collagen intact in your skin.

8. Before Botox, More Sleep

If you’re concerned that your skin looks puffy, saggy, wrinkly, or just otherwise older than you really are, the cause could be as simple as not enough sleep. Along with smoking, lack of exercise, and unprotected sun exposure, insufficient sleep is at the top of the list in terms of things that can make you look older.

So before doing anything else, try adding in a few extra hours of slumber to your daily routine. It can be hard to shut down the devices and give ourselves over to more sleep, but doing so may free up countless hours during the day that you might otherwise spend on fighting the effects of exhaustion.

9. Natural Masks

Use your kitchen for a face treat once a week! I personally like a manuka honey mask at least twice a week for its antibacterial properties and the glow it gives right after. For a natural scrub, try brown sugar mixed with coconut oil. For drier skin, mix some milk with cucumber for a moisturizing treat.

10. The Right Vitamins

Certain vitamins can really give your skin an extra boost. Prescription Retin-A is actually just a high dose of Vitamin A, and taking the supplement from your health store can truly aid in glowing skin. Look for zinc vitamins as well.

Source: womensarticle