11 Differences Between The Boy You Date And The Man You Marry

There is an old wife saying, the boy you date is not the man you marry.

When you are a dating a guy that is perfect, you are almost in a love haze. There are significant differences between a boy you date and the man you marry. Dates often are superficial and slacker to begin with. It is fine if you find someone good to hang out with. The idea is to keep at it for a long time and check if he is truly compatible with you.

So here are 11 differences of the guys which will tell you about your future partner:

By these, you can tell the differences between true love and temporary love.

1. If you go to the restaurant with your boyfriend to take lunch, and the guy who is with you pays your bill, then he can be a right for you. The Boy who always excuse paying your bills then he will not marry you.

2. The Guys who don’t talk about any future plan or event to do with you Is not good for you. A fake person may always meet with you at the crowded place like theatre or cinema hall. But the Guy who likes to marry with you will take interest to meet you at interesting and beautiful places. He will talk with you that how will he spend time or money to connect with each other to improve the relationship.

3. In most cases, If your boyfriend always demands to do sex with you is not going to be a good husband. But If a guy always tries to suggest you how to become good in every part of your life is best for your future.

4. If a Person with whom you are dating, always try to hurt you and don’t think or understand your emotion or feeling and always talk about sex is not good for you. But A Guy who really love you can understand your feelings and experiences.

5. The person who doesn’t want to marry with you doesn’t make any type of commitment with you. He always ignores your feelings will never marry you. But the true guys make the commitment to you and try to make them true.

6. The person who is using you only for sex or other concern will never disclose about their own programmes. A fake person will not excited about future and never discuss it.

7. A Person who is not interested to listen about your dreams of life is not the right choice for you.

8. A Person who is not ready to marry you, ignore you alway in concern of your own need. He may be like you only for using you. This type of guy may not give you mental peace. But A guy who really love you and want to marry you always talk about your best future.

9. The Guys who spend time with you only for his own need and ignore you is not for you. This type of guys is not perfect for you. But the person who takes responsibility for your personal or family’s need is best for you.

10. The Boy who always tries to ignore to meet with your friend is not right for you. He only wants to meet with you in alone. But the real Guy who meets with you also at a public place in right mood is the best for you.

11. The person with you are dating will always deny meeting with your parents. But the man who really love you will surely meet with your parents.

So, Girls think before making the new boyfriend. Above 11 important differences. between the boys you are dating and the person who will carry with you.

Source: meowgag.com