3-Year-Old Chooses Her Own Outfit For School Photos, Becomes Internet’s Hero

Children, however, just want to show off their favorite clothes. And sometimes that may include costumes of their favorite superheroes!

This was exactly the scenario that occurred for 3-year-old Kaylieann and her father, Austin Steinbach, in the fall of 2016. Steinbach’s daughter wasn’t happy with the outfit option her parents had selected, so they decided to let her choose her own.

When she came walking down the stairs in her Supergirl costume, complete with cape, her parents saw how happy and proud she was to be donning the “S” symbol on her chest. All they could do was laugh.

Her father Austin Steinbach, who shared the picture on Reddit, told the Huffington Post that she calls him “Pooterman” because her profound hearing loss stops her from hearing the letter “S”. Her parents offered her a number of outfit options for school picture day but Kaylieann rejected them all in favour of a considerably more super alternative. “She walked up, looked over each of her choices, turned and said ‘Pootergirl!’” Steinbach said. “And well, I couldn’t argue with that answer.” And neither can we. (h/t: huffpost)

When 3-year-old Kaylieann was told she could choose her own costume for school picture day, she had only one outfit in mind: Superman!

She owns several costumes including Spiderman, Batman, Hulk, Thor and Wonder Woman, but Superman is her favorite

But our new favorite superhero is Kaylieann!

“I really only hope that she becomes a strong, independent, and successful woman in whatever path she chooses. I cannot wait to see her tackle all of her own dreams,” Steinbach told Liftable, a brand of The Western Journal.

“I still haven’t been able to get through all the messages of support and kind words people have sent me. I could never have imagined how much her picture could have touched so many.”

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