5-year-old boys with cancer dies in mum’s arms after telling her: “I’m sorry for this”

The 5-year-old boy who hailed from Church, U.K, 240 km north of London, died in his parents’ arms nearly three years after being diagnosed with a rare type of cancer.

Charlie Proctor battled hepatoblastoma for two years

A five-year-old boy told his mum “I’m sorry for this” before he died in her arms after a two-year cancer battle.

Brave Charlie Proctor needed a liver transplant after being diagnosed with a rare tumour in 2016.

His courageous fight against the disease captured the heart of the country – including US superstar Pink.

His parents, Amber Schofield and Ben Proctor, had raised $611,600 in a last-ditch effort to pay for a life-saving treatment in the United States. But they’d been told Charlie’s cancer had become incurable and that he was too sick for treatment, which would have included a liver transplant.

But at the weekend, Amber confirmed their son had taken his last breath.

The devastated mum, from Church, Accrington, Lancashire, posted a picture of Charlie with angel wings on Saturday night.

The youngster, from Church, Accrington, Lancashire, “fell asleep peacefully”

Charlie needed a liver transplant after being diagnosed with a rare tumour in 2016

Just hours earlier, she had posted a heartbreaking final photo of the youngster, saying he had told her: “Mummy I’m sorry for this.”

Amber wrote: “Last night at 23:14 my best friend, my world, Charlie, took his final breath.

“He fell asleep peacefully cuddled in my arms with daddy’s arms wrapped around us. Our hearts are aching. The world has lost an incredible little boy.

“Charlie, you gave me chance to be a mum. You have been, not only our biggest inspiration but you have been an inspiration to thousands of people all over the world.

“You showed me what love really means Charlie. Now it’s time to fly, I am so, so proud of you. You fought this so hard. My baby, I’m hurting so much. I will forever miss you baby bum. Sweet dreams my baby.”

Brave Charlie apologised to his mum shortly before his death

Posting on the Charlie’s Chapter page, she had earlier written: “This will be the last photo I post of Charlie.

“As the days go by he deteriorates more and more. He no longer looks like Charlie. He’s so thin, I can see and feel every bone in his tiny body, his sunken face, his rolling eyes.

“Where has my chunky baby gone. Chunky from birth! He weighed 9’11lb! He’s was the cuddliest baby ever!

“He’s our chunk. I want everyone to remember Charlie for who he is. I want them to remember how he looked, how cheeky he was, how hilarious, how grumpy he was because right now Charlie isn’t any of those.

“He’s sad, he’s tired, he’s fed up and depressed. “I don’t know what to do anymore” are his main words.. today, he’s been very agitated, wanting to lay down, sit up, lay in bed, then on the beanbag, then on the sofa, then back upstairs and so on…

“Charlie, at one point, turned to me and said in the most quiet, panting voice, ”Mummy, I’m so sorry for this” he was sorry because he wanted to move again and he felt he had to apologise for that?

“So now I know he also feels like he’s some what “in the way”. My heart broke! No child should feel the emotions Charlie is feeling. No Child! No parent should watch their child slowly go.

“Having to watch them deteriorate in this way is the most painful thing anyone will ever feel. If Charlie’s fate is to go, then I’d of rather the angels took him weeks ago before he suffered anymore.

Charlie’s mum has urged parents to cherish the time with their children 

Courageous Charlie died last week 

“His AFP is that high now that the machine can no longer read them. His liver function are the same apart from his Bilirubin, which has doubled causing Charlie’s skin colour to be yellow. After this, with every update, I will share photos of Charlie in his better days.

“How can I miss him so much when he’s led beside me? But I do. I miss him. I miss just having a chat, a cuddle that doesn’t cause pain. I miss squeezing him and kissing him all over.

“I miss his smile, knowing I won’t see that smile again other than in pictures, I will never hear charlie laugh again ???? please pray for a miracle ???????? hold your babies tight and cuddle and kiss them so much.

“You don’t realise how lucky you are. We all take life for granted.”

Charlie in his Spiderman pyjamas

Last month, Charlie’s family were told he had just “two weeks, 366 hours” left to live.

Charlie was diagnosed in February 2016, with Hepatoblastoma, a rare cancer that starts in the liver. After undergoing successful surgery at Birmingham Children’s Hospital in the U.K, his cancer went into remission.

Friends and family desperately tried to raise cash to send him to America for life-saving treatment, but last month announced it was to end.

Almost £360,000 had been pledged to help Charlie including a £10,000 donation from singer Pink and a £5,000 pledge from Pretty Little Thing founder Umar Kamani.

His family brought his sixth birthday forward by half a year so he could celebrate the milestone he wanted to reach.

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