7 Powerful Fat Burning Exercises For Lady Who Work In The Office

With the following tips, you can practice reducing belly fat and still doing your job normally in the office, or relaxing at home. All these exercises are simple enough to start the day regardless of the fitness of the practitioner.

1. Use 5 minutes in the morning to dance:

The famous ballet dancers have flat stomachs and their movements can always help reduce belly fat quickly so we can try 5 minutes after waking up in the morning to follow them:

Stand on the left of a chair and place your left hand on the back of the chair. Legs closed. The left heel touches the right heel and the toes are pointing out to form a triangle. Straighten your right hand, like trying to touch the ceiling. Now fold your hips, bend your back and your right hand to the floor, try to touch the floor if possible.

Maintain that position, squeeze the abdominal muscles, squeeze the navel closer to the spine. Exhale and slowly lift your body back to its original position. A complete movement should last about 20 seconds. Do 5 times, and may add more times when you feel well enough.

2. Exercise belly when you sit in the car to work:

Do you drive to work or public car? Try some isometrics techniques while on the road to reduce belly fat effectively.

Hold your belly and tighten it without holding your breath. Hold for a few seconds then release. This is a way for you to know for sure that you have done enough to be effective: “Repeat with time at least equal to the amount of two songs played on the radio,”

3. Stretching at the desk:

When you are working, try the following swivel movements to tighten your abdomen and lower body.

Keep a bottle of water, a block of paper or a heavy item, hold them with both hands. Sit up straight and keep your hips and knees moving forward. Slowly rotate the water bottle from side to side of the body, focusing on tightening the intercostal muscles. Extra: If you squeeze what you hold in your hand when you rotate, you can also do more for the chest.

4. Exercise for the breast before lunch:

Stand up straight and lift your hands off your head, pressing your palms together and keeping your hands straight. Stretch and bend over to the right as far as possible, focusing on tightening the left hip. Returning to the middle and falling back to the left, focusing on squeezing the right hip. Repeat 30 to 60 seconds. Surely there will be many people who look curious about you at work, but once they realize that doing this gesture gives a very good feeling, they will probably join you.

5. Lift up your legs while queuing:

Take advantage of this action while waiting in a queue at a coffee shop or a vegetable shop to squeeze the central muscles and sides of your waist.

Stand up straight with your legs apart at a distance of 2 -3 inches. Tighten your abdominal muscles to keep your spine stable and straight. Slowly raise your left foot to 3 – 6 inches from the ground and keep your right foot balanced. Try not to swing your feet and hold that position for 10 to 15 seconds. Put your foot back on the ground and do the same with your right leg. Repeat equally for both legs before you reach the top of the queue.

6. Abdominal exercise after dinner:

When you relax at home, get off the chair, grab the practice ball and start exercising for your hips, thighs and waist.

Lie on the ball, fixing the position of the ball below your lower back. Put your hands behind your head or fold your arms over your chest. Tighten your abdominal muscles, and lift your back high off the ball. When you tighten your abdominal muscles, pull down the lower part of your ribs near your hips. Lower your back to stretch your abdominal muscles. The ball will force your legs to work harder than doing this on the ground. In addition, balancing on the ball will force the body to exercise the whole body to maintain balance.

7. Exercise before going to bed:

Lay down on the floor, put your back on the floor and stretch your legs straight. Slowly raise your right foot to try to touch the ceiling while lifting your left hand at the same time. Cross your legs to touch your fingertips (or bring them as close as possible). Put down and do the same for left and right legs. Do it slowly so you can control the movement, and do it as many times as possible in 5 minutes.

Cross the time of day with these exercises to reduce belly fat and then you will begin to see results. But, remember that in order to really have a flat belly, it requires more than just exercise. Don’t forget to exercise regularly and eat healthily, balance your diet and also burn the energy you have absorbed.

Source: calipso