70-Year-Old Woman Gave Birth to Quadruplets. And You Won’t Believe Who The Dad Is

Many of us believe that a woman after the age of 30 is no longer strong enough to become a mother. The body cannot stand the same, or sometimes they hear the typical phrases: “You imagine how you will look when your son come out of college. You’re going to look like his grandmother. Are not you afraid?”

Many times a woman is not ready to become a young mother. She decides to wait and far from being selfish, she is doing it to give more attention to her little ones. Well this German woman totally prove to us all that we were wrong, since she became a mother again at 70 years of age. And you will not believe how many babies she had…

Annegret Raunigk is a single mother. She has become the oldest woman alive to give birth to quadruplets as she today became a mother of 17 children, from five different men from her previous relationships. But by chance had already separated from her last partner, although she wanted to feel the joy to have a baby in her arms again.

She had three boys, Dries, Bence and Fjonn, and one girl, Neeta, born by caesarian on Tuesday after 26 weeks – 12 weeks less than the normal pregnancy term. They weigh between one pound and seven ounces and two pounds and two ounces.

She also has seven grandchildren and will be 70 years old by the time her youngest sons and daughters reach primary school.

Many criticized her, even her own family thought that she was a very selfish person, to bring to the world so many creatures without a man by her side. But she did not care because she knew how much she loved her children. She was sure she could take care of them without any problem.

The decision prompted widespread criticism from mothers all over the world and doctors who were concerned that her body would not be strong enough to handle the pregnancy and birth.

Without thinking twice, the woman checked to see if she was in good health. Doctors recommended that she should not submit to the process of fertilization, because at 70 years of age, it was risky for both her and the baby, even her results were positive. Even in several clinics she was denied to perform the process. However, she did not give up and with the help of her 25-year-old grandson, who gave her the sperm, made her dream come true.

When Ms Raunigk is in the 21st week of her pregnancy, she was ‘shocked’ because an ultrasound scan showed she was carrying quadruplets.

Her gynaecologist initially mentioned the possibility of a ‘selective reduction’ – where one or more fetuses are aborted in a multi-fetal pregnancy. Because of the stress multiple babies would put her body under, but she declined.

Her decision to have more babies prompted criticism from mothers over the morality of mothering children at such an age and concern from doctors who were unsure if her body could handle the trauma of pregnancy.

The woman in the company of her grandson, traveled to Kiev, Ukraine. Here she could undergo the procedure, which in addition to being a success. It was somthing almost miraculous. It is not only had a baby gave birth to quadruplets!

The quadruplets were born nearly three months early and children born so premature are always at risk.

Source: gethealthyadvice.com, dailymail.co.uk