A Real Man Always Puts His Woman First

A real man will always put the woman that he loves first. He will treat his loved one like the priority that she is. He knows that the relationship is important and will work to keep it that way. He will make sure you always know you are important to him because he does not want you to ever doubt his devotion to you. He will make a conscious effort to be the best person that he can be.

You won’t have to ask him for his love because he will constantly show it in various ways. He knows that actions will speak louder than just words. He does all of this because he is a real man who is aware of how a real relationship works.

He is never going to be the type of guy who is just going to deliberately make you wait for his replies to your messages. He isn’t going to be the kind of guy who is going to make you feel anxious or worried about his whereabouts or activities whenever the two of you are together.

He is not the kind of man who is going to make you question the state of your relationship, and how committed he is to make things work for you. He is a man who is always going to make a conscious effort to get to know you better so that he can be a better partner for you. And it’s not just a matter of knowing what your favorite comfort food is or what kind of movies you typically like to watch.

He’s really going to make an effort to get in deep with you. He will want to climb into your skin to figure out what he can do to be a better man in your life. He’s going to want to familiarize himself with every single aspect of your personality because he knows that you are deserving of that kind of attention to detail.

He won’t be the type of man to continuously ask you what you wish to do. That’s because he knows you and your likes and dislikes. He will often take the initiative when it comes to your relationship. He can anticipate your needs before you even make them clear. He will come up with wonderful dates and activities for you both to do because he knows exactly what you like. He knows how important it is to maintain a spark between the two of you, so he will always attempt to bring wonder and excitement into your lives.

A man who loves you for who you are will not treat you as if you are just a burden or extra baggage in his life. He will actually find great joy in doing things for you and helping you out. He will make you feel that in order for him to be happy, you have to be happy, too. He will do everything in his power to accommodate you.

A real man will always want you to meet his friends and family because he loves you and is proud you are his. He will tell you his deepest passions and dreams. He will want you there to explore life together because he knows you are the one for him. A real man will always do what is necessary to include you in every part of his life.

A real man will never pick random fights with you. Instead, he will fight for you and your relationship. He will make sure you know he is committed to this relationship, whether you have been together a couple of months or a couple of years. He does his best to so that you never feel alone or isolated. He hates to see you unhappy and won’t stop until you smile. A real man will always make sure you know he is there and will never leave your side.

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Strong Women Don’t Beg Anyone, They Walk Away When They Feel Unwanted

I am sure that every woman found herself in the following situation with a man (if not, then maybe you are Beyonce, so stop reading):

You meet a guy. You like him. It looks that he likes you too. You go on a date with him. Sparks are flying everywhere, and you feel more and more certain that you two are destined to be together and get married.

Then the guy somehow figures out what goes in your head and decides to vanish from the face of Earth. You are suddenly left alone hoping that he will come back, or if he doesn’t you just sincerely hope that he is gay so that you don’t have to face the terrible truth that he doesn’t like you.

Maybe this is a little over the line, but there are definitely moments in the game of dating when the mere moment you decide to show your vulnerable side and let your guard down is the moment when he stops calling.

It’s natural to get frustrated and angry and feel an immense need to go to him and say straight to his face how stupid he was to let you go. And while all this may look like you are fighting for love – for the love of God, please stop! Giving him the attention and bombarding him with text messages will only make you look crazy.

So, rather than being the girl who can’t take a hint – be the girl who will ghost him first if he doesn’t value you!

I, myself, still regret wasting my time and energy pinning over someone who wasn’t worthy of my love and affection. I should have spent that time traveling and meeting new people. Because, really – the signs were all there. And every sign was telling me to run away from him. But my stupid girl logic refused to leave. So, I stayed until he told me to leave.

Let’s all stop holding onto guys who don’t want to be held. Life is too short for putting your head against a wall and driving yourself crazy over a guy who is already halfway down the road. There are plenty of fish in the sea for you to get stuck with a guy who is not interested in you.

Strong women never beg anyone. They leave the moment they feel that they are no longer wanted.

And how can you know that you are no longer wanted? Here are 2 definite clues:

1. He never makes an effort to see you.

Let’s face it if a guy wants to see you – he will. Simple as that. When he begins to make excuses and stops following through with plans, it is a time for you to start looking for other options.

2. He acts like he doesn’t care about you.

Men are very simple and easy to read. Just look at his actions and you will find your truth. If your guy acts like he couldn’t care less about you, the truth is he doesn’t. And you shouldn’t care about him also.

And maybe there are some situations in history when a man chased down the girl and begged her for forgiveness because he realized what he had lost. But, typically, this can only happen in a romantic novel. You need to be with someone who doesn’t need to lose you to understand that he loves you.

Source: https://curiousmindmagazine.com