According to Your Zodiac Sign How Many Chances He Should Be Given

The worst couples are who cannot figure out if they are together in a relation or not. Even before they finish erasing the cute couple selfies off their social media accounts, they are back together.

Sometimes we give a chance, or two, or three or even four. Do you want to be that On-Off couple? But how many chances are you willing to give before you let go a relationship? Let your zodiac sign decide, it knows best how logical, impulsive or emotional you are. So don’t wipe out those pictures yet or don’t update your facebook status, read this!

16. Aries: Give Him An Extra Chance After Your Impulsive Breakup

Aries, you don’t tend to give up on things easily. You’re a fighter through and through. As the first sign of the zodiac, you are determined, confident, and optimistic. You set your mind to something, it’s rare that you back down from a challenge. That said, it would seem like all your relationships would work out, right? You’re the girl who never gives up. Well, somehow some of those relationships still fail. Yes, even with your can-do attitude.

There may be some times that you should truly end a relationship. However, there are also times in which you may end a relationship based on your feelings in the moment. Aries, you can be short-tempered and impatient. This can result in an impulsive breakup on your part. If this is the case, give your guy a second chance.

You should only end things once you’ve thought through them completely. Weigh the pros and cons and if, after that, you want to end things, cut him loose. However, if impulse was involved, you should give him a second… or third or fourth chance.

15. Taurus: Um, Give About 100 More Chances Than You Actually Want To Give

Taurus, you are loyal, patient, and loving. When you’re in a relationship, you provide stability, as you’re truly there for the long run. However, that’s only if your guy doesn’t cross you. Once you’ve been betrayed, you can be cold as ice. It’s that stubbornness that you’re known for, Taurus. And betrayal is especially hard for you to get over, Taurus. Since you’re a sign that so very committed in relationships, you take betrayal of any kind especially hard. You’re IN the relationship, so when you find him DMing his ex-girlfriend, it’s extra painful.

That said, you should try to give him that chance that you don’t want to give him. We get it, you don’t want to give anyone a second chance ever. But as a social sign who truly loves her relationships, you’ll be surprised at how easily you can move past it if you just try. That’s the trick. You just need to try to move past it.

14. Gemini: Girl, You’re Actually Really Good (Maybe Too Good) At Giving Chances

Gemini, you have a lot going on in that head of yours. As an air sign, you’re an intellectual sign that values thinking things over and over and over. However, all these thoughts in that head of yours are sometimes at odds. This is because you’re a bit all over the place. As the sign of the twin, you can often find yourself feeling one way in the morning, a whole new way in the afternoon, and another way by the evening. Your thoughts and feelings are constantly evolving.

That said, you’re very likely to give another chance… but then take it away… but then give it again. Ugh, you just can’t make up that mind of yours. Of course, this inconsistent behavior means you’re almost always willing to give second chance. And hey, you’re usually the one asking for second chances too. You’re all about second chances all day, every day.

This open-mindedness is good in some aspects, but you should make sure you aren’t giving the wrong person a second chance. If you’ve truly been hurt, don’t let your indecisive nature keep him in your life. Cut the cord, baby.

13. Things To Consider If He’s An Air Sign

The air signs are Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius. As a general rule of thumb these are all very intellectual signs. They are very curious and seek knowledge wherever they can find it. For this reason, they are actually good signs to take a second chance on because they are willing to find out what it is that broke the relationship in the first place. They will sit down and talk to you in depth about it so they can gain clarity and understand your side of the situation.

You should be careful though, as these signs also tend to be flighty. You have to really make sure they are ready to recommit. They’re the type to say they want to get back together, but then not actually want to put the work into repairing the relationship.

12. Cancer: It’s Time To Stop With All The Chances And Cut Him Loose

Cancer, you’re a water sign, and so you’re very connected to those emotions of yours. Because you’re so connected to your emotions, you tend to be sympathetic to others. That’s the thing. You feel both your feelings and their feelings. This means you will sometimes understand why a person wronged you. Ah, the plight of being emotionally connected.

While being able to see both sides of things is a true skill, you shouldn’t let your emotional nature persuade you into keeping a F-boy around in your life. When it comes to giving chances, you give way too many based on your emotions. Instead, approach the situation logically. If it logically makes sense to give him a second chance, do it.

On top of that, you can be a little insecure from time to time, Cancer. You can’t help it. It’s just all those darn emotions. That said, don’t let that insecurity push you to keep no good guys in your life.

11. Leo: You Only Give Second Chances When It Benefits You Too

Leo, you’re kind of all about yourself. But hey, that can be a good thing. In a world where women are so often settling and compromising, it’s refreshing that you refuse to do either. You are a queen, who is going to live like a queen and be treated like a queen. The end.

This self-centered attitude can be reflected in your relationships. For example, you only truly enjoy relationships that are beneficial to you. And so, you tend to only give second chances if you can truly see how this will benefit you in the long run. While this can be a smart way to evaluate relationships, it can also make you throw away a good guy. Try to take into consideration the fact that he may have made a simple mistake or he may be going through a hard time.

Yes, sometimes you have to be the rock for someone else, Leo. Consider a second chance even if it may not necessarily benefit you completely because it could be worth it in the long run.

10. Virgo: Sometimes, You Just Have To Give Up On A Relationship

Virgo, you don’t seem like the type of gal who is willing to give second chances. You’re a practical hard worker. You value work ethic and results. You also tend to be very logical and analytic. In matters of the head and the heart, your heart rarely wins. What wins every single time is that pros and cons chart in your head.

With this analytic attitude, it’s easy to assume that a Virgo isn’t too found of second chance. Oh, but that’s not the case. Virgo, your work ethic wins out every single time. In terms of chances, you always assume that you can work hard at the relationship and repair the damage. Yes, you make the pros and cons, but you also assume that the biggest pro – your work ethic – will be what saves the relationship.

Well, it may be time to let the analytic side win. Tell him bye and put all that hard work into something else, like your career or a relationship that actually deserves it.

9. Things To Consider If He’s An Earth Sign

The earth signs are the Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn. These three signs can be extremely difficult to be in relationships with, though it doesn’t seem like that at first.

Because they are so grounded and realistic, an earth sign will seem like a dream come true in the beginning of the relationship. You’re finally dating someone not crazy! However, what they lack in initial craziness, they make up for in later craziness. Earth signs tend to be stubborn, condescending, and withholding. They totally go through your phone and purposely catch you in a lie. You’ll find yourself backed against a wall while dating an earth sign.

When thinking about giving an earth sign a second chance, keep this in mind, as that second chance may be an uphill battle. Is the battle worth it? Sure, but it’s still a battle.

8. Libra: Stop With The Chances And Speak Up For Yourself

Libra, not many other signs offer more second chances than you. You are the queen of second chances. What exactly about you makes you so willing to try again and again and again? Well, you’re extremely diplomatic. In so many areas of your life, this cooperative, fair-minded attitude can help you thrive. It makes you the girl who is friends with everyone and the girl everyone loves to work with. However, it can also make you a welcome mat in your romantic relationships.

Because you want everyone to get along forever, you’ll be willing to give your guy about 600 chances he probably doesn’t fully deserve. Instead, you need to speak up for what you deserve. Be willing to confront him about how hurt you are and what you need from him in this second chance. If he’s willing to accept those things, give him yet another chance. Long story short, you should definitely stop giving him chances without being vocal about your own needs.

7. Scorpio: You Give Second Chances That Aren’t Really Second Chances

Scorpio, you’ve very emotional but others don’t necessarily know this about you. This is because you’re a secretive kind of gal. While this secretive nature can work for you, it can also make you a difficult person to be in a relationship with. I mean, you have a lot of emotions that you tend to keep locked away. And what good are those emotions if you’re hiding them?

Because of your secretive nature, along with your jealousy and natural distrust, you may say you’re giving someone a second chance, but you never really give them that chance. This is to say you’ll jump back in the relationship, except you’ll always keep yourself at arm’s length and never really let him back in.

Giving someone another chance can be a healthy way to fight for the relationship, but only if you’re actually giving them a second chance. Scorpio, you should either cut him loose or truly open yourself up during the second chance. There’s no point in having one foot in a relationship and one foot out.

6. Sagittarius: You’re Probably The One Getting The Chances, Right?

Sagittarius, you’re a sign all about forward progress. You like thinking of tomorrow and the day after that. You like experiencing new places, cultures, and people. You are not someone obsessed with the past. Because of that, you don’t want to be judged by the past nor do you judge others by their pasts. And so, you’re a second chance kind of person.

It’s likely that you’re giving out second chances all time, as well as receiving them all the time. But hey, the fact that you’re able to laugh your way through the worst will always help you move forward in relationships. Though, you must keep in mind that not everyone is as forward-moving as you. Some people can’t simply forget their past pain and move on.

You may find that it’s actually your significant other who is unwilling to give you a second chance this time. Just keep in mind that some people can’t simply forget the past like you.

5. Things To Consider If He’s A Water Sign

The water signs are Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces. These signs are all very – and I do mean very – connected to their emotions. This can make for good and bad second chance situation. On the plus side, you’ll be giving a second chance to someone who is willing to let you know how they feel, which can be refreshing. However, on the negative side, it’ll be so many emotions. Like, calm down with feeling all the feelings, water signs. You don’t have to drone on about your feelings all the time.

The other advantage water signs have in second chances is that they are very flexible. Like water, water signs can go with the flow. This means they will be willing to change their ways to fix whatever caused the breakup.

4. Capricorn: Stop Giving Chances Just To Feel Better Than Others

Oh, Capricorn. Girl, you love having the upper hand. In fact, you sometimes enjoy when your guy messes up because that means he is, once again, the bad guy and you’re the good guy. And let’s face it, you love when he’s the bad guy and you’re the good guy. It’s this desire – to be better than him – that makes you willing to give second chances.

Listen, it’s not that you’re a bad person. It’s simply that you are very self-disciplined. You have an insane amount of self-control, which means you’re always working towards your goals, always going to the gym, and always being an all-round perfect person. However, it’s this discipline that makes you a little bit judgmental and condescending.

When it comes to giving him another chance, you want to make sure that you’re doing it because it’s what you want and not because it’s the position you want to be in. Lord knows you love saying I told you so.

3. Aquarius: You Never Give Chances Based On Emotion

Aquarius, you’re very much inside that head of yours. You are a thoughtful sign. When it comes to relationships, you follow these thoughts and not your heart. This can be helpful though, as it may keep you out of those insanely unhealthy relationships. However, it can also inhibit you from true love.

Aquarius, sometimes us humans love people who are less than perfect and sometimes we have to listen to our hearts instead of our heads. When it comes to giving someone a second chance, you should listen to that heart of yours just a little bit. Your head will be trying to talk you out of it, but let that heart get a word in.

Also, you tend to be standoffish when it comes to showing your emotions. Fight this urge if you do, in fact, give someone a second chance. If you’re feeling hurt, betrayed, insulted, insecure, or whatever else, tell your partner. They only want to move past the wrongdoing is to face it head on – or, in your case, heart on.

2. Pisces: You Give Chances To Avoid The Reality Of The Situation

Pisces, you give a few too many chances. As a water sign, you’re very connected to your emotions. This fact alone makes you someone who is very likely to give chances. On top of that though, your gentle, intuitive nature makes you want to forgive and forget. Because of this, you’re giving chances all over the place.

Giving people another chance is all well and fine, but you must also make sure you’re aware of the reality of the situation. Make sure you’re not living in la la land, as this is something you can do when the world is too harsh for you. You’ll indulge in a fantasy that everything is perfect, but it’s not. The only way for a second chance to work is to acknowledge the damage done, not by pretending everything is perfect.

Don’t pretend everything is fine if it isn’t. By acknowledging what’s wrong in the relationship, you stand a chance to actually fix it and have the perfect relationship you’re dreaming of.

1. Things To Consider If He’s A Fire Sign

The fire signs are the Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius. There three signs are known for their passion and drive. When they put their mind to something, they usually get it. This is the case for their career and for their love lives. So, if a fire sign is asking for a second chance, you should probably just say yes, because they won’t stop asking until they get it.

This passion can also be felt in their emotions towards you. Fire signs are extreme and tend to love in an extreme way. This is to way that an ex-boyfriend who is a fire sign may have some hot, hot, hot makeup sessions in store for you.

The passion may be a selling point, but fire signs can be stubborn when it comes to compromise, so the second chance will suffer for that.

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