Boy with Down syndrome is rejected before dance, then date shows up and mom completely loses it

Finding a date for a homecoming dance is a high priority for any 17-year-old, so it can be a knock to one’s self-confidence if nobody will agree to go with them. Daniel Rivas, a 17-year-old Arizona boy with Down syndrome, is just like all other kids his age, with the same hopes and dreams of most teens.

He hopes go to college and become a chef. But, until then, he wants to enjoy his high school functions, and that included attending his homecoming dance with a date.

Sadly, despite his best efforts, he was unable to secure a date for his school dance.

17-year-old Daniel Revez was looking forward to his school dance, until he realized there was no girl who wanted to go with him. This broke his mother’s heart.

Daniel had approached several girls, but all of them had turned him down.

With the day of the dance looming large, Daniel found himself more and more depressed at the idea of going alone. Then, Kylie entered his life.

Offer for Daniel

When Kylie heard Daniel needed a date, she stepped up right away and wanted to surprise her classmate.So, she asked Daniel to be her date one day at school. Of course, Daniel was delighted by Kylie’s homecoming proposal.

“I don’t think of kids that have a disability as being different,” Kylie reportedly told Fox5 news. “I think of them just being a normal person, learning in a different way.”

Word spreads

Still, this unexpected surprise was just the beginning for the young boy. After Kylie’s sweet proposal hit social media, it drew the attention of the local news.When Fox5 News heard of the story, they featured the teens in a broadcast that won over thousands of hearts.

Kylie and Daniel had just taken the usual pre-dance photos when Fox5 sent a Rolls Royce to take the couple to the dance in fine fashion. That wasn’t all, though. On the way, they made a pit-stop at a luxury restaurant where the pair could eat together alongside Daniel’s mom.

“I usually drive past here often, but always think it’s completely impossible to bring the kids here because it’s so expensive,” Daniel’s mom told Fox5.

The surprises continue

That wasn’t the end of it, though. No, after Kylie and Daniel had their fun at the homecoming dance, Fox5 revealed that they were sending them both to Disneyland with their families.

Below, you can watch the full feature from Fox5 – see Kylie and Daniel have the night of their lives.

Well this certainly warmed my heart. It just goes to prove the old adage ‘the more you give, the more you get back’.

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