Burn 300 Calories in 15 Minutes A Day at Home With Cardio Exercises

Burn 300 calories in 16 minutes at home with this workout to lose weight fast. Do this weight loss workout 4 times a week and follow the nutritional tips for best results.

1. March With Arm Circle

This move is great for warming up your shoulders before doing planks and push-ups. When you repeat the circuit, this exercise provides a great active stretch for your chest and biceps.

March in place, bringing knee to the height of your hip, while circling your arms backward for 30 seconds and then forward for the remaining time to warm up your shoulders.

2. Jumping Jacks

Stand up straight, 2 feet closed, jump out with your legs apart, arms folded to the sides and raised to the top

3. High-Knee Run

Stand up straight, run in place, two elbows fold, forearms parallel to the floor, palms facing down.

Running at the knee high up until it touches the palm.

4. Long Jump And Shuffle Back

Start in a squat with arms low and slightly behind you, and take a large jump forward landing softly into a deep squat.

Shuffle backward, taking five to eight small steps until you are back where you started.

5. Butt-Kicker Run

Run in place, pull up the heel to touch the butt to heat the back thigh.

Combine your hand to help warm up the upper body and help increase your heart rate.\

6. Burpee

Put your hands on the ground. Jump your feet back to a push-up position (Lower your knees, if needed).

Do a push-up. Jump your feet back to the starting position, and then jump with your hands in the air.

Source: popsugar