Experts Say These Are 8 Dream Symbols You Should NEVER Ignore

Has it ever happened to you that you woke up from a dream that was too real for you? Our dreams have a huge effect on our mood on the following day. Having a good dream will leave positive marks on your day and a nightmare will leave you tired and exhausted. Based on the research done at the ATR Computational Neuroscience Laboratory in Japan, the brain scanned whatever we watch in our dreams like how it scans things when we are looking at real-world objects and matters. Have you ever thought that our dreams might be trying to send us a warning?! Here are 8 dreams that you should never ever ignore!

1. Flying

The dream of flying can mean will, hard work, education. It can be the presenter of freedom. You will soon get to learn all about your abilities and what you really are capable of. Flying is the indicator of confidence and the power to face all the difficulties and solve all the problems on your own.

Overcoming the obstacles, and everything that has been weighing you down. If you dreamed of such a thing, you are someone who knows how to handle life! Having this dream also is the indicator of the pressure and the fear that you have to get to where you want and the confidence that you do not have enough of.

2. Death

If you dream of a corpse or death, that does not necessarily mean fear. It means that you are going to meet a friend or a guest! The happy face of the deceased person is the indicator of the good spirit for him and for you both. If you see someone whom you know is dead, that means that the person is going to have a fruitful life and a long one.

If someone who is already dead appears in your dream and sits right next to you, that is a good sign but things will turn sour when that person asks you to go with him or touches your neck. Dreaming of death can be the indicator of a huge change in your life.

3. Teeth

The dream about teeth depends on the type of teeth we are talking about. The upper set of teeth is related to males and the lower part is related to women. The front teeth are related to your siblings, the right ones are related to your dad and your paternal family. The left, your mother, and your maternal family.

The back, far relatives. If in your dream you see that your set of teeth is more and cleaner, it means depending on which side the teeth was in, that person is going to have a blessing in his or her life. The rotten tooth is a sign of the fears and the anxieties you have had.

4. Pregnancy

Seeing yourself as a pregnant person is you trying so hard to achieve success in your life. However, seeing someone who is pregnant is another story! The pregnant lady in your dream is a sign of sorrow and darkness. If a lady dreams of having a kid, it means she is not going to have an easy life.

If a virgin dreams of being pregnant, that is a sign that she is heading toward misery and disgrace. She will soon be drawn is sadness. Looking at a pregnant lady in your dreams stands for sins and negativity. And if a guy dreams of his wife being pregnant, he is going to be given too much responsibility. More than he can handle.

5. Naked

Dreaming of being naked is one of the most common dreams. Everyone has had this dream at least once in their lifetime. According to the dream interpreters, this dreams is giving you a sign that something good is going to happen to you in the near future. Like getting to a better social position or being promoted at work.

However, they are negative signs, too. When you are naked, you are at your most fragile state and your dream must mean that you are going to get hurt with your guard down; or it also can mean the loss of respect. Like you are going to get exposed very soon.

6. Fire

Fire is the symbol of the passion of love, the anger, the desires, the emotions, the kind that burns the heart down, the desire for devastation, a particular process of growth and a change that can affect everything. Fire in dreams is interpreted as an emergency situation. A catastrophic development.

The process of our life in every stage of our life that leaves nothing but the ashes! Based on how the fire appears in your dream, the interpretation changes like playing with fire is interpreted as a warning situation. And starting the fire the sign of anger!

7. Falling

This is probably one of the most common dream signals, and yet most people tend to ignore it when it happens to them. If you have a dream about falling, it can signify a couple of things. First of all, it can be about control. We all go through periods when we feel that we have lost the sense of control in our lives. You might have lost your job or broken up with someone.

These things make us feel powerless, especially if they were out of our hands. This dream signifies that you need to regain your power in some way. The second thing it points to is fear. When we are scared of things in life, we often worry about them in our unconscious – hence the falling dream.

8. Someone chasing you

You might not be aware of their intentions, but having someone chase you in a dream is never a good thing. Basically, this person is symbolic of your fears and problems. If you are figuratively running from something in your life, this is a sign that it’s time to face it sooner rather than later. Often, this dream can feel very intimidating. That’s because it shows you how you feel in the inside right now.

9. Houses

Dreams of houses symbolize the self and the different aspects of personality. Depending on the type of house or the different rooms the interpretation can deepen. Houses are about security and comfort. An attic symbolizes hidden memories, while a basement can mean intuition and the unconscious mind.

If you see houses in your dreams, ask yourself: How are you taking care of your body? How do you perceive yourself out in the world?

10. Money

Money dreams can allow us to wake with such gratitude. Dreaming with money is about luck and how we perceive our self-worth. Winning the lottery symbolizes a change in lifestyle while dreaming of giving money away is a fear of loss. Money dreams pertain to the core of our emotions towards the abundance and prosperity. Financial stability or losses are often stress factors in our lives.

Source: LittleThings