Here Is What A Truly Loyal Man Looks Like (And They Still Exist)

A man who is loyal will always make you feel as though you are the prettiest girl in the room. He won’t ever make you doubt yourself or his love for you.

A man who is loyal will delete all of his dating apps after you get together. He knows he is with you for the long run and doesn’t need them anymore. He realizes he does not need a backup plan as you and he will last forever.

A man who is loyal doesn’t just care about s*x. He loves and cares about your personality, humor, and brains. He truly loves to spend as much time with you as possible, even when you are dressed. He knows that being intimate with another human being is much more than just being n.a.k.ed together. He believes it involves hand holding and cuddling and intimacy.

A man who is loyal will always think about you, even when you are somewhere else. He will send you a text when he is out to let you know he is thinking about you. He will check on you throughout the day to ensure you are still doing okay. He will go out of his way to make sure you receive his attention, even when he is not physically with you.

A man who is loyal will show you off to the world. He is proud of you. He will introduce you proudly to his family. He will want you to come out for drinks with his friends. He will want you to come to work events to show you off. He always gushes to everyone he meets about you because he is so proud to be with you.

A man who is loyal will always answer your questions and take part in honest, truthful conversations. Even if the topic is hard to talk about, he will take part in the conversation. He will also tell you the truth, even if it is hard to hear. He has respect for you no matter what.

A man who is loyal always has morals that he adheres to. He does not lie or cheat or manipulate to get his way. He doesn’t make excuses when he hears about someone else being unfaithful. He expresses how disappointed he is, as he does not think anyone deserves to be with someone unfaithful. A man who is loyal will not hide anything from you. He will let you see every side of him. You will never have to beg and plead to get answers from him, no matter the question. He will always be vulnerable with you.

He will never hold anything back, especially his heart and soul.

A man who is loyal is someone that you will always be able to trust. Even if he shows up later than he said he would, you know it wasn’t because of an infidelity. You know nothing sketchy happened. You don’t have to get paranoid because you are fully aware he is honest and trustworthy.

You know that he would never hurt you. He loves you and always will.

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