Kindergartner’s School Photo Goes Viral And His Mom Can’t Help But Laugh

Stronajai Miles remembers school pictures being a serious affair when she was growing up.

That’s why the mom from Atlanta was in shock when she came across her son’s hilarious kindergarten photos and didn’t initially believe they were real.

I’m so mad right now! I checked my sons book bag and find these!!!!

Edit: these pictures have not been prepaid for. When I was kid they sent proofs. I can only assume bc we live in a good school system that they chose to do this. I know back in the day they started doing proofs bc ppl would steal them.

2. I have contacted Lifetouch School Photography to figure out what happened and why! They could’ve said “you’re kid wouldn’t cooperate, anything” school was out today, so I’ll figure that part out tomorrow. I know they train their photographers better than that. They dropped the ball idc what anybody says…

P.S. My son says thanks for all the love…💞💞💞”

Miles, 25, was checking her 5-year-old son Drew’s backpack last week to see if there was anything she needed to sign for school administrators, when she saw a group of professional photos of him with his mouth wide open, like he was halfway through a scream.

They were his school pictures from Lifetouch School Photography, which let him show the funny side of his personality.

“The way I grew up, school photos were a big thing,” Miles told TODAY. “You don’t do anything silly, and if we did we would get in trouble.

“This is school. We’re not at Target or J.C. Penney, so I’m expecting a traditional photo. I was like, ‘They let him take a picture like that?!'”

Source: kvoa