Ladies! You Seriously Need To Stop Doing These 13 Things RIGHT NOW

    This article is not meant to disrespect women. Rather it is a friendly reminder that your health and welfare should always be your priority over trying to impress others all the time.

    Women can go to any extent to look stylish, ravishing and the most beautiful. It is like an unhealthy competition that women have developed in-between each other. In the race of being the most popular, women often lose out on their genuine selves. Experimentation is good, but too much of it can completely ruin your body language, your goodness and your attitude. Also, you must keep in mind that certain things might not look desirable to the onlookers. This is when you should realize where to draw the line.

    The aim in life shouldn’t be to care about what others think about you. Rather one must always intent to stay happy and content. Material joys are temporary; it is the real joy of your inner soul that is permanent and beneficial.

    Here are the 13 things that women should seriously stop doing immediately to make themselves feel more better:

    1. Say no to cross legs!

    Sitting with your legs crossed and looking all hot is not such a good habit to have. It affects the blood circulation into your lower limbs.

    2. Sunscreen

    It isn’t just for your face; it is for your body. You can apply it not only to your face but even introduce your entire body to the wonders of a sunscreen.

    3. Even milk is not good

    Milk makes your skin greasy, and that is pretty much counted as bad looks. Too much of oil on the skin is not a good thing.

    4. Excess of fruit juices causes wrinkles

    Yes, you read that right. A lot of consumption of fruit juices can increase wrinkles and give you a dull skin.

    5. Combing your hair when wet should be avoided

    If you have a habit of combing your hair right after the shower, you need to stop doing that.

    Instead, blow dry your hair and comb. Combing wet hair weakens the streak.

    6. Ponytails are not meant for you

    Yes, ponytails can make your face look clean and give definition to it. It also makes you look attractive and hot. But always tying your hair too high and tight can lead to baldness and a receding hair line.

    7. Naturally air drying your hair is the best

    Do not use a lot of hair products or heating equipment. Such products take away all the natural shine and softness from your hair. They even burn your hair of their natural nutrients leaving them dead.

    8. No thick layers of cream anymore

    Don’t always do makeup. Makeup on your face is quite evident every time it makes your beauty superficial. Embrace your natural beauty too and allow others to do the same.

    9. Putting makeup after plucking your eyebrows should not be done

    Applying makeup just after you have got your eyebrows plucked is not healthy for your skin because the chances of bacteria harming your skin increases and can later have serious consequences.

    10. Blotting paper instead of compact powder

    Use blotting paper to get rid of the greasy face instead of clogging your pores with powder. Using a powder straight away may cause acne.

    11. Stop touching your face all the time

    Stop touching your face all the time. Touching one’s face can increase acne and breakouts.

    12. Don’t run your eyes

    Do you fancy pretty lashes? If yes, stop rubbing your eyes. Rubbing them leaves you looking tired and weak.

    13. Say no to stuffing your bag!

    A ladies handbag shouldn’t always be stuffed with makeup and lipsticks etc. It is not a rule. You can go completely make up free sometimes too. Putting on and redoing your lipstick every one hour might not create a good first impression.