Little Girl Bonds With Old Veteran And Brightens His Day

Most people make friends with other people their own age. But there are friendships that cross generations, and they, too, can be genuine and lifelong. Sometimes, such simple friendships can mean the entire world to some people.

For one elderly veteran he never expected to see a spark of joy in his life in the nursing home. But one little girl reminded him that there is a lot to be happy about. Their friendship has inspired many people to turn their attention to the older citizens who don’t have many people visiting them.

Avita of Wells is an assisted living facility for the elderly. There are over sixty residents in the establishment and one of them is Stanley. The 95-year-old veteran doesn’t have the best memory. In fact he is a resident with dementia.

The facility has a music generation class, which allows the children of Wells, Maine to visit Avita and sing songs and play instruments and games. The seniors can join in on the fun if they want. Among all those who have visited, one in particular made an impression on Stanley

Stanley, a 95-year-old veteran and a resident of Avita suffers from dementia and a memory loss. But, whenever he gets to see his new friend, it looks like his condition improves in an instant, and that’s something that leaves the establishment’s staff amazed.

The facility came up with an idea of how to make its residents have fun. They regularly organize music generation classes which allow young children from Wells, Maine to visit the place and do a bunch of things such as singing songs, playing instruments and playing games with the elderly. One of these kids is little Etta Morse, who somehow found in Stanley her new best friend. Now if you think a 95-year-old veteran and a 3-year-old girl can’t be pals, than you are wrong.

When little Etta first visited the place two years ago, she grew fond of the old man whom she offered her instrument. Ever since, her mother brings her and her brother at Avita because she knows that makes the elderly’s days filled with laughter.

In an interview with News Center Maine Laurie, Etta’s mom, said:

“I have no idea when it actually started. They just kind of have a little connection.”

Now Etta gives her instrument to Stanley whenever she visits him. So far, she refused to give it to any other of the sixty residents.

The staff says that whenever Stanley knows it’s a visit time, he puts on his best clothes, and that includes a blazer, and patiently waits for his sweet friend to come. Because of his health condition, it happens that he forgets her name, but he always remembers how Etta makes him feel, and that’s being loved and cared for.

Stanley is a man of few words, but he finds ways to make sure everyone knows how much Etta means to him. What this girl’s mom does is sort of amazing. She teaches her kids to treat elderly with respect. Because being old and alone is not easy.

Take a look at this unlikely friendship in the video below.