Mom Spends 3 Years Disappointed With Blue Cabinet, Then She Peels Off Protective Film

A 35-year-old woman said she bought a $200 cabinet and discovered that it had a protective film covering it three years later.

Kayleigh Greer, of the United Kingdom, said she bought the cabinet from retailer B&Q in 2016 as a TV stand.

According to the Daily Mail, the mother of three wasn’t happy with the blue color because it didn’t match the grey and silver color of the bedroom.

“I never had any suspicions the blue color was a protective film. I knew there was white tape along the top of each drawer which I thought was protection and would eventually need pulling off,” she said, according to the report.

When she did a deep clean of the bedroom, she noticed that there was a blue film covering the cabinet. She peeled it off, revealing gray furniture underneath.

“Then I was deep cleaning the bedroom the other day and I was down near the cabinet vacuuming and I thought ‘while I’m down here, I may as well finally peel off the tape,’” she said.

“But as I started to peel, I noticed the blue film had lifted and I panicked and thought I had ruined unit. But I just kept peeling and it kept coming off. Underneath it was a really nice grey. It looks amazing,” she added.

When she was done, she told her husband the news.

“Darren was downstairs with the kids and I came down with all this blue film scrunched up in my arms,” she said, according to The Metro.

“He asked me where it had come from and when I told him it had come from the cabinet he burst out laughing before rushing upstairs to see what I’d done,” she added. “He thinks it’s amazing. He prefers the cabinet now to before.”

Source: theepochtimes