Scientists Explain Why Women Should Stop Wearing Bras

What are the risks of wearing a bra? While the bra was originally designed to hold the breasts in place, it turns out there are some science-backed reasons why wearing a bra can be dangerous.

Research has been done on the positive and negative effects of bra wearing. Done by Jean Dennis Rouillion, a professor and sports science researcher out of the University of Franche-Comte, she studied 330 women aged 18-35, over the course of 15 years. All women had been wearing bras from an early age. The results were pretty startling.

The Study

For one, the bra didn’t do anything for real support. Nor did it aid in sagging prevention. It didn’t even promote the reduction of back pain. All important elements for bra wearing, at least one had thought.

What actually was discovered was that the breasts ended up sagging more, while women who stopped wearing bras toward the end of the study experienced a 7mm lift in the nipples.

The thinking is that the bras actually interrupt blood circulation. Women not wearing bras will experience increased collagen resulting in better elasticity. So it turns out going bra free actually improves breast conditions.

Other Reasons Not to Wear Bras

It takes the long time to find the right one

The process of finding the right bra can be quite excruciating. Bra sizes are not universal, so you have to try plenty of different sizes. In other words, you might try on countless bras and never find the right one, which leaves you empty-handed and frustrated.

Bras are expensive

Bras don’t come cheap! According to Statista, most women spent between $16 and $30 on a bra in 2017. If you go to stores like Victoria Secret or you look for sports bras, leisure bras, or work bras, the cost can add up.

They are uncomfortable

Bras don’t offer much comfort, and every woman will admit it. The most uncomfortable thing regarding bras is that they underwires often break, causing it to pierce in the skin. Besides the underwire bras, sports bras can be also inconvenient, making you feel trapped and suffocated.

They aren’t necessary for every activity

Wearing a bra all the time gives the breasts no chance to air out. In modern society, women are expected to always wear a bra, aside from sleeping. But remember, because it is a social norm doesn’t mean that you have to do it.

Limitations of the Study

Although the study found benefits for those who choose to go braless, note that the women in the study were young and have only been wearing bras for a couple of decades. If older women choose not to wear bras, the same results as in the younger women might not be seen.

Tips on Going Braless

If you decide not to wear a bra, it might feel a little strange. Here are a few tips to help you out:

Start out small

If you have been wearing bras all the time, you cannot show up at school or work without one. This means that you should go slowly. Practice going without a bra when you drink your morning coffee or walk your dog.

Work on your posture

As your bra has been doing all the work for you, you need to start working on your posture. Keep the shoulders, back, and head up and practice standing and sitting properly.

Wear a bralette

Bralette is actually a bra, without the wires and padding. If you are not ready for disposing of your bras totally yet, switch to a bralette first.