The Most Healing Jewelry for Your Zodiac Sign

Jewelry is all about investing in your best self, according to Dr. Eve. “The right piece can help us reach our highest vibration of mind, body and spirit. Things shift. This is what [each sign] should wear now.” So approach the new season with a fresh mind and some brand new accessories. Also, the crystals themselves may speak to you—becoming familiar with the crystals associated with your sign can help you choose the best look for the months ahead. — by Amanda Lauren


Aries should look for red stones such as garnet to harness “the energy from [the air].” Anna Beck’s Semiprecious Stone Round Drop Pendant Necklace is a sophisticated way to both to look and feel more powerful.


Taurus tends to be strong and have a stubborn disposition. So a necklace they can customize to their exact liking such as Kendra Scott’s Teo Semiprecious Pendant will truly allow them to connect. A turquoise or sapphire stone can open up Taurus to new possibilities.


Gemini needs a bright stone such as citrine or agate to “enhance their sunshine.” What is a better way to enhance sunshine than to help others? $1 from each purchase of Stoned Studs’ handmade blue lace agate earrings is donated to the non-profit organization RAINN.


“Cancers are moonchildren,” says Dr. Eve. So what stone could be more appropriate than moonstone? Isabelle Grace Jewelry’s Gem Slice collection features a striking moonstone piece that takes a combination of style and spirit to the next level.


Leos will look and feel their most ravishing in ruby. Maya Studio’s Ruby Gemstone Ring is a vintage-looking, handmade piece that really catches the eye. It features a large center stone to attract Leo to that positive energy.


Virgo is tied to Mercury, which represents communication. Like Capricorn, Dr. Eve suggests green stones for this sign. Monica Vinader’s Linear Semi Precious Stone Friendship bracelet features an amazonite bar on an adjustable gold rope chain, keeping the gem close and directly connected to any sized wrist.


Dr. Eve explained that Libras are always searching for balance. So, choosing a water stone such as lapis or aquamarine can help them achieve equilibrium. Symmetrically designed, Alex and Ani’s aquamarine bracelet has a bright Swarovski stone flanked by trendy charms.


A natural stone like coral that mirrors the heat of a scorpion’s sting will suit this sign best, according to Dr. Eve. LOVEthirteen’s Red Coral Bracelet With Druzy Heart Pendant is a unique handmade piece that will keep this sign equally centered and stylish.


Sagittarius needs a protective purple stone such as sugilite or amethyst. J. Weber Jewelry’s Amethyst Dew Drop is a simple but timeless piece that can protect the wearer during any occasion or circumstance.


Capricorns should wear heart-centered stones such as emeralds or aventurine. This aventurine bracelet from Rainbow Crystal Craft isn’t simply beautiful. It’s also designed so the crystals lay on your bare skin. A direct physical connection with crystals is like having an Easy Pass on the on express lane to your heart chakra.


Dr. Eve’s deepest intuition told her opal was the right stone for Aquarius this season. That is why Ali Levine’s Hearts on Fire Collection for Sterling Forever will resonate so well with this sign. Designed when she pregnant with her daughter Amelia, she has several pieces featuring this stone, but the Embers of Emotion Cuff Set keeps the stones closest to the skin.


Rose quartz can help Pieces nurture themselves and uncover a deeper self-love. Juicy Couture’s Rose Quartz Rainbow Luxe Wishes Necklace is a fun piece that represents the bright skies of the season.

Source: horoscope