The Shape Of Your Legs Can Tell You What You Are In A Relationship

There’s a reason why men are so attracted to a woman’s legs! Apparently, their shape can tell them a lot about how they’ll be in a relationship. Specifically, your legs give men a glimpse into how your performance will be in bed. It sounds crazy, but this is well studied in science. For example, the reason why women seek to enhance their hourglass shape is due to the fact that a small waist and big hips indicate to men that a woman will be great at bearing children. Although no one actually sits down and thinks about the scientific measurements of each potential mate, a lot of us subconsciously assess our partners to select the most fertile and capable mate.

To determine the shape of your legs for this guide, stand in front of a mirror with your feet close together and find the type that best matches your shape.

Type A

The legs are contiguous and there is only one gap between them, starting from the ankles and ending a little higher than the middle of the calves. There is a rather widespread belief that the smaller the gap between the legs, the more comfortable she will be in bed.

As a rule, such women are very gentle. They attract men with their tenderness and femininity. They are also shy. They don`t like to take the initiative and want men to do all the work themselves. This can be dangerous for the relationship because most men become easily bored. So, women with such legs should try to be more active.

Type B

Your legs only touch in one place by your ankles. You’re likely adventurous and playful in your relationships.

Type B women aren’t afraid of taking charge of the relationship since they are strong and confident. This could lead to scaring someone off. Try to get more comfortable with making yourself emotionally vulnerable to your partners.

Type C

The hips are close together, but the calves and knees are not touching. Women with this type of leg are very gentle and romantic. But men should be careful, because if you give the freedom to these women, they can become a wild cat.

Type D

The legs touch each other at the upper thighs, at the knees, calves and ankles. This is one of the most widespread shapes of legs.

These women like the traditional way of doing things even when it comes to bed. They definitely don’t like to experience new things, however, if their partner wants to try something new, they will support them.

Men like such women because of their ability to give them confidence. Besides, such slim legs are quite attractive.