This Word Puzzle Has YOUR NAME Hidden In It. Can You Spot It?

This puzzle tends to make people very frustrated, but has quite a simple answer.

To start, look at this block of text, and see if you can find your name.

Can’t find it? Don’t worry: Most people have the same problem.

Hint: If you were looking for your actual name, you’re going about it all wrong. Don’t scroll down to the next picture until you’re ready for the answer.

See what we did there?

Yes, you were supposed to actually find the phrase “YOUR NAME” in the puzzle.



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It took me so long to find the fourth word…and even longer to find the fifth word!

See if you can find them all!

Warning – the answers are down below, so don’t start scrolling until you’re ready to see where all six words are!

Here’s the answers!

Scrolls down to see where all six words are: