Tomboy Mother Lost Half Her Body Weight And Can’t Recognize Herself After Extreme Makeover

Ashleigh, a recent guest on The Rachael Ray Show, struggled with her weight ever since she was a little girl. As she grew older, her eating spiraled out of control.

She turned to food out of boredom and to find comfort. But something clicked when she saw herself in a collection of new photos. At nearly 300 pounds, the mom from North Carolina knew she was ready to change.

Before receiving what Rachael calls “one of our most inspiring makeover subjects to date,” Ashleigh started a brand-new regimen of portion control, exercise, and an overall healthier lifestyle. She has since lost half of her body weight!

Once she reached her goal weight, Ashleigh vowed to give herself a makeover. The only problem? She had no clue how to choose the right clothes to suit her new body. The self-admitted tomboy was used to wearing mostly jeans, yoga pants, and hoodies. She wanted a classier look, but she didn’t know where to begin.

That’s where the style experts on Rachael Ray stepped in… and gave Ashleigh an absolutely stunning head-to-toe makeover.

And that wasn’t all — not by a long shot!

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