Woman lives in oldest Mall In America after 48 a.b.a.n.doned shops are turned into homes

Imagine a world wherein we shrunk the space of our abodes right down, to the point where they were all between 225 to 800 square feet.

Though it might sound like a nightmare – and indeed I agree it’s not exactly suitable for families – it’s proving a major hit in America’s oldest indoor shopping mall.

You read that right. Riding the wave of micro-houses we’ve seen birthed in recent years, within The Arcade in Providence, Rhode Island, you can find 48 apartments equipped with everything one needs to live contently.

Built back in 1829, The Arcade closed after struggling to fill its cramped commercial spaces in 2008. The building that is now turned into a growing housing trend of micro apartments has been through numerous restorations throughout the years and was designated a national landmark in 1976.

As the concept of living in a shoebox started becoming trendy, Granoff decided it was about time for him to introduce it to the people of Providence. The overall number of living spaces inside the building is 48 and their size varies between 225 to 800 square feet. With the upper floors now being loft apartments, the building’s owner retained the retail spaces on the ground floor. There are numerous shops offering food, coffee, and even designer clothes inside the household.

Each apartment comes with built-in furniture including a bed with drawers, cushioned bench/seating, refrigerator, and shelves. They have all the comforts one might need, whilst being extremely efficient when it comes to use of floorspace.

Some of the tenants share their stories of why they opted for a tiny home. It’s important to mention that most of them don’t really spend that much time at home. I guess these lofts are perfect for these people exactly.

One of the people who are willing to show us their home is Dr. Karim. Her tight schedule, the night shifts, and the fact that she is constantly traveling internationally makes her the perfect tenant of this perfect home. She also says how not having a stove doesn’t really bother her.

Another tenant is Sharon Kinnier who uses the loft only when she’s working in a Providence lab formulating organic cosmetics as she spends the rest of the time with her husband in Washington D.C.

Tenants can choose to pay for a personal Wi-Fi connection or watch TV in the common area. The great thing about the building is that there is natural light that pours into the space to help make tenants feel warm.

It’s amazing how many people are interested in getting one of these tiny homes. You may be surprised by there is even a list of people waiting to move to The Arcade. The tiniest units rent for $550 per month, almost half the city average.

Take a look at the video below and see what these tiny homes look like. We are sure you are going to love them, unless you prefer more spacious living spaces.

Would you live in one of these? Please share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.