Woman Reunited With Cat That Went Missing 13 Years Ago

Described as a ‘miracle’ and a ‘million to one’ occurrence, rescuer Alison Ferguson, 42, from Evans, Georgia, is delighted Jill the tabby now has her forever home with her original owner Kelly LaVette, 35, in South Carolina.

After finding out the cat had been micro chipped, Alison, 42, from Evans, Georgia, was amazed to discover she had somehow traveled 75 miles away from her registered home and ended up in a high-kill shelter.

As both the phone number and email on the microchip were no longer in service, Alison took to Facebook to find the cat, who was registered as ‘Abby’, and messaged every ‘Kelly Amandrell’ – the name registered – she could find in Connecticut.

All Alison had to work with was the name registered to the chip: Kelly Amandrell. She messaged every Kelly Amandrell she could find on Facebook living in Connecticut until she received a response from Kelly, last name now LaVette. Alison was able to reunite Kelly with the cat she’d lost 13 years ago, and now the cat, named Jill, seems happier than ever. Kelly said: ‘I only had Abby for about a month before she got away.

‘I was living in an apartment with a foyer so she must have got outside when one of the neighbors opened the door,’ she added.

Kelly said that when she noticed the cat had gone missing, she put up flyers and asked people in the area if they had seen her.

She explained: ‘It was in the downtown area so was a lot harder to go looking for her with all the buildings and places she could have been.

‘It was so long ago, so I was definitely surprised that no one had ever scanned the microchip in that long a time.

‘I knew it was something unusual when I was contacted using my maiden name, which I hadn’t heard for a very long time,’ she said.

Kelly said it was a miracle that someone had found her cat and went to the effort of helping the pair reunite.

Source: dailymail